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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Get Me Rank (Digital Marketing Agency) provides a wide range of services to
several brands and businesses, we empower them to be the best in their niche.

The moment you engage with our website or work with us, you (as a visitor or client) agree with our terms and conditions which are mentioned below. In case of any doubts regarding our “terms and conditions” agreement, we would suggest that you must contact us directly for any clarification.

We give away information on various social media websites and internet search engines on your behalf. While subscribing to our services you automatically permit us to do so.

Social media platforms may include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, Pinterest, MSN, Youtube, Newspaper websites, and many more.

All terms and conditions of these websites also apply. We don’t transfer or share any data or information with any other business until and unless we are working with a particular business regarding any advertising or marketing services under your consent and agreement.

We collect several pieces of information or material that are provided by you which includes copy, photographs, graphics, size, form, names, URLs, text, addresses, mobile number, contact number, logos, service marks, endorsements, trade names, trademarks or videos, etc.

Additionally, you guarantee us that the material provided by your team or firm is 100% genuine, authentic, and not misleading in any way. You represent the information that is handed over by you to us.

Any press release, interview, advertisement, ad copy, website blog, article, product review will be sent to you for approval. We only publish the content when it is approved by our clients.

We also expect corporation and assistance from our client’s end in providing technical information which is required by the Agency while developing strategies and executing marketing plans as per the estimated delivery dates or deadline.

Once you subscribe to our services you agree to provide regular information as well as feedback to us so that we can make the necessary changes.

Get Me Rank will issue invoices to its client for all payment procedures. We are not liable for any reimbursement in case the client fails to approve any design, copy, content, creative, or advertisement.

Any delay from the client’s end is not our fault and can’t be the reason for their late payment.

All taxes on printing, distribution, publication, or sale of services and products are imposed as per the mentioned federal, state, or local taxes. Such taxes have to be paid by the client.

The agency may terminate the subscription or advertising service due to the following reasons –

  1. If the due payment is not received from the client, he or she fails to complete the payment
  2. If the client has a pending payment issue or owes money to the agency. We terminate our services if the client is looking to earn first to pay his/her creditor.
  3. If the client has any pending legal cases such as fraud or bankruptcy etc.

In case the client wants to cancel or dismiss the services, then he or she needs to cancel the services 30-day before the expiration (If the client has cleared all the outstanding payments or invoices)

Any advertising copy, animation, content, creative effort, animation, composition, material, video footage, photo, etc remain the intellectual property of Get Me Rank until and unless a third party has acquired the rights of the material from the agency in written permission format.

Clients cannot reuse, reproduce, or tweak content that has been produced or developed by us until and unless the agency provides them a final approval to do so.

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