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White Label PPC

Our Google Ads experts will plan, setup and optimize performance-driven campaigns to meet your client KPI’s. We’ve expertise in Google Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube and Discovery ads.

Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook Campaigns Delivers RESULTS, Nothing Less Than That! We have spent millions of dollars profitably and have come up with a proven framework for testing, optimizing and scaling.

Creative Design Service

With our Creative design services let’s get your client’s business the attention it deserves, get more people interested and move them from liking to wanting their product.

Native Advertising

Let’s get your client more SCALE with Native advertising. With our expertise in direct response advertising and our performance driven media buyer we can dial in the right variables to acquire more customers within our KPI.

Nicotine Free Quit Smoking Aid Achieves ROAS Of 820%

Case Study 1
Nicotine Free Quit Smoking Aid Achieves ROAS Of 820%

Results :
820% ROAS, Helped Them Reach The Mid-6-Figures Mark
Utilizing our battle-tested funnels and CRO techniques and Google Ads strategies, we helped them achieve a conversion rate of approx 13% and a ROAS of 820% (in 3 months only).

Nicotine Free Quit Smoking Aid Achieves ROAS Of 820%

ROAS Increased From 1.45 To 3.31

ROAS Increased From 1.45 To 3.31

Case Study 2
ROAS Increased From 1.45 To 3.28

We are promoting various types of photo frames for our client in this project. Our client was facing difficulties in scaling his account because of a lack of understanding of the scaling process. Then we got this account & scaled it further by utilizing our google ads skills for scaling these campaigns to a ROAS 3.28 and a conversion value of over 37K.

Organic Herbal Tea Store Achieves The ROAS Of 5.73

Case Study 3
Organic Herbal Tea Store Achieves The ROAS Of 5.72

Achieved $13,262.85 In Conversion Value.

We started this account last month, Still, we achieved tremendous results in just 30 days. By utilizing our structuring & optimization techniques in Google Ads, we helped our client to achieve a conversion rate of approx. 6.66% and a ROAS of 5.72.

Organic Herbal Tea Store Achieves The ROAS Of 5.73

Real Estate Project

Real Estate Project

Case Study 4
Real Estate Project

Our Client is a Top Real Estate Consulting Company and they were facing problems in Generating leads for a specific commercial project due to high competition in the market. As we got the account, we helped them to scale their campaign to its maximum & were able to generate 300% more leads & Reduced the CPA by 4.22% in 30 days. Here we Utilized Our CRO & Structuring Techniques to scale the campaign.

Case Study 5
Increased ROAS From 3.31 To 3.54

Achieved Close To $78K In Conversion Value.

We are promoting Orthopaedic Back & Sciatica Nerve Stretcher Using our Shopping Ads strategies and CRO & Optimization techniques, we helped them reduce cost/conversion from $78K To $85K and increase their ROAS From 3.31 To 3.54

An example of trust and consistency

An example of trust and consistency

Case Study 6

An example of trust and consistency – Achieving ROAS of 316% plus for every month
A well-known brand in the photography business and we are proud to work as a partner in their journey of success by handling their D2C business.

Scaling business every month with improvement in ROI

They say digital marketing is dynamic, so we are, we keep updating our strategies for account structure, performance metrics, creative strategies, CRO, and much more to keep our clients ahead in the market.

Quick success by applying years of experinece

Case Study 7

Quick success by applying years of experience – Scaled from $50/day to $1250/day
This brand deals in personalized posters, and we have just started working with this brand for a couple of weeks.

Results: Achieved ROAS of 357%
Launched funnel wise campaigns with the right set of products and creatives, and then scaled aggressively, interestingly, while increasing the ROAS.

Results: Touched 100+ transactions in a single day
As per the client’s goal, we accepted this challenge and achieved it smartly while focussing on different products with separate product-specific campaigns.

Quick success by applying years of experinece

Cracking what looks difficut to - Hitting 2+ ROAS and then scaling it to $10/month with same ROI

Cracking what looks difficut to - Hitting 2+ ROAS and then scaling it to $10/month with same ROI

Case Study 8

Cracking what seemed difficult to – Hitting 2+ ROAS and then scaling it to $10/month with the same ROI
This brand offers a variety of loose tea flavors. We took on this account when somehow it was having difficulties to achieve a ROAS of 200%, and this was the first and important target given to us.

Results: Hit ROAS 223% for the same month
We achieved it by doing proper optimization, and simplification of the existing campaigns set up, and by testing a few new things!

The Results:Scaling it from $6.2k/month to $10k/month while achieving ROAS of 204% A lot of creative testing, dynamic product ads, testing of new ad sets, and frames, etc. done to convert the account into a stable performance-driven machine.

Case Study 9
Helped out fabric business in the COVID-19 Pandemic to make an online presence and to get succeed

Life gives you infinite chances to help the ones who are struggling to help themselves, and we actively search for those instances, even we have offered mid to low level business to help them shift to online in this pandemic.

So, let’s start and sum up the story of this business.

In Get Me Rank, we abide by our long-term research and process, to start with the execution, optimization, and scaling of any business to get them to grow.

What we did for this brand can be summed up in these steps:
  1. Analyzing the offline business
  2. Starting with what has worked for now
  3. Setting up the campaigns
  4. Analyzing and redefining the approach
  5. Optimizations
  6. And, in the end, scaling

1. Analyzing the offline business: We started with the understanding of the targeting audience in terms of:

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Interests
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website Audit

2. Starting with what has worked: We launched campaigns as per the above analysis, it took some time for us and Facebook learning to drive traction.

The campaigns structure was:

  • TOF (Prospecting)
    Number of ad sets

– Broad
– Interest
– We gathered data for TOF for a definite period.

3. Setting up the campaigns: After gathering the TOF data and seasoning the pixel, we expanded our campaigns to

  • TOF (Prospecting)
    Number of ad sets
  • – Broad
    – Interest Stack
    – Lookalike Stack (Purchase, customer details, Value-Based, ATC-Checkouts, IGE engagers, etc.)

  • MOF (Re-Engagement)
    Number of ad sets
  • – Facebook Page Engagers
    – Instagram engagers
    – Video Views
    – Customers

  • BOF (Remarketing)
    Number of adsets
  • – Website Visitors
    – View Content
    – ATC
    – View Content/ATC (Dynamic Remarketing)
    – Cross-selling

4. Analyzing and redefining the approach: After getting a reasonable audience and product data, we switched our strategy, then we changed our targeting strategies and the structure of our campaigns changed to

  • SKU# (Multiple campaigns targeting top-performing SKUs)
    We figured out the top-performing SKUs and made several campaigns as per the SKU’s
  • Number of ad sets

    – Broad
    – Interest stack
    – Lookalike stack
    – Remarketing (focussed on WCA of individual SKU)

  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • – ATC/VC (for remaining SKUs)
    – Cross-selling

5. And, in the end, scaling: after finding the perfect match for the audience, creative, and product, we scaled the campaigns while keeping the target in mind.


There is another most important factor is creatives, we have tested different types of creatives such as

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Carousel
  • Dynamic product ads
  • Collections
  • Slideshow
  • Instant Experiences
  • GIFs
  • Which are based on the following angles

  • Value propositions
  • Testimonails
  • Review/PR
  • Comparison
  • Canvas

For the video creatives, we followed our AIDA [Attention (3-sec video view/Impressions), Interest (Avg. video playtime), Desire (Outbound CTR), Action (ROAS)] metrics to rework on the creatives to increase their outcomes.

We have tried to explain our strategies to this busy world in minimum words, although, there is a lot to mention, which you will get to know when we will be working on your brand to grow.

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