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Why Miss Out
On Sales? Re-Engage
Until Sale Is Done

A Customer comes in, visits your website, scrolls and leaves your website without making an actual purchase! Haunting isn’t it? Re-engage with them. Time to cross-sell, up-sell, promote renewals and subscription, promote re-buying and re-engage with customers.

Increase brand recall

Remarketing services are a conscious reminder to your customers about your brand or business. Remarketing display ads can increase brand recall and engagement.

High conversion rates

Remarketing services will speed-up the conversion process back into sales. Display ads bring them back which help businesses to increase sales.

Reduces losses

You don’t need to advertise differently to those who have previously visited your website, you know whom to target or whom to re-engage specifically. Give them a second chance so that they come back, this increases the chances of conversion.

Low CPC & Targeting

Remarketing services are based on PPC, due to which they can have low CPC because you only pay when someone clicks on it. Get free conversion when someone directly searches the name of your brand.

Display Remarketing

With GMR’s Remarketing services, get display remarketing ads for your business that target visitors who had left your website or might have visited it earlier.

Social Media Remarketing

Remarketing services include social media remarketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and etc. campaigns on such social platforms boost online presence, visibility and sales.

Search Remarketing

We can put your ads at the top of search engine results so that it grasps the attention of the users who might have visited your website earlier. This will increase the chances of getting clicked and amplifying sales.

Optimizing Campaigns

We develop campaign plans that go as per your business priorities for example selecting the relevant ad-type for your brand. We make sure that we create a unique marketing campaign at the same time keeping it aligned with related keywords.

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