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Data-Driven Performance Marketing Agency

About Client Facebook

  • Industry: Fabric
  • Target Audience: Women
  • Target Market: India
  • Revenue Source: Facebook ads


Campaign Objective / Client Briefing

The company is a pioneer in the fabric business, designing and producing quality fabrics and embroidered material.

The client has briefed us about scaling the account while keeping a ROAS of 4.

Challenges Facebook


Selling fabric online


To scale the account while maintaining the ROAS of 4


To target a high-value audience


Challenging to increase the number of transactions as the AOV is high

We Follow The Power 5 Strategy

Campaign & Execution Facebook

We started with competitors, creatives, CRO, and content research to keep everything in place to start the campaigns such as targeted audience, creative angles, content, and landing pages.

Strategy & Execution Facebook

Campaign 1: CBO campaign on lowest cost with 4 adsets i.e. Interest, Lookalike, Broad, and Remarketing (Fabric products) audience – targeting fabric products

We have launched multiple Ads with the above audiences to test the creatives

We have launched more campaigns to test the different product types before scaling

Game doesn’t end here, we have done continuously testing for Creatives and Ad Copies. Because, Creative and Copies are the most essential thing in Ads

We have done a lot more changes in the Landing pages to improve the CRO and it worked. The conversion rate improved by 100%

 Launched new products continuously and tested them with different creative angles and copies and scaled the winner.

Data-Driven Performance Marketing Agency

About Our Client Email

  • Industry: E-Commerce.
  • Fabric manufacturer
  • The company is a dealing in the fabric business, designing and producing quality fabrics and embroidered material.
  • Target Audience: Women
  • Service: Email Marketing

Challenges Email


Loosing traffic due to no follow up


Increasing abandoned purchase ratio


Declining repeat customer ratio


Increase customers LTV

We Follow The Power 5 Strategy

Strategy & Execution Email

The first step was upgrading the clients marketing technology to enable automated email marketing and data segmentation.

To organise and segmenting list was a challenge and therefore we agree to offer a promotional discount in order to gain new customers.

Our strategy includes:

Pre-purchase automation:

  • Browse Abandonment
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Abandoned Checkout

Post-purchase automation:

  • Customer Thank you
  • Customer Win back
  • Product Review

Pre Purchase Flows Email

Your customers start their journey by being your website’s visitors. But they are rarely ready to buy just from the first time visiting. That is why a strategic pre-purchase email series is essential to nurture them through the funnel and eventually convert them into buyers.

Browse abandonment emails are similar to abandoned cart emails but are triggered when an identifiable browser visits a product page and does not start or complete a checkout — a visitor doesn‘t have to add an item to his/her cart to trigger this flow, all a site visitor has to do is view an item and move on.

An abandoned cart email reminds them that they were interested in your products and often entices them to purchase with a special offer or through some other strategy.

An abandoned checkout email is an email or a series of emails that shoppers receive after they've added an item to their online shopping cart and leave at checkout level without making a purchase—either they left the website without checking out or they haven't purchased after a certain amount of time.

Post Purchase Flows Email

Post-purchase email automation represents customer journeys sent after a customer has made a purchase with the goal of increasing engagement and loyalty.

A thank-you email message is a great idea when brand's want to send a short note of appreciation as quickly as possible.

A Customer win back automation is a series of emails designed to reengage inactive customers or subscribers. This is a post purchase automation which motivates customers who have already purchased our product to shop again.

A product review trigger can be either Placed Order or Fulfilled Order. Since the Fulfilled Order event tracks when an item was shipped.

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