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ETH Infra Google Case Study

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About Client

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Target Audience: Male, Female, 24+
  • Target Market: India
  • Revenue Source: Google Ads


Campaign Objective / Client Briefing

ETH Infra Pvt. Ltd. belongs to the real estate niche promoting Premium residential projects Emerald Riviera, Adjacent To Ganga(Haridwar).

Client has briefed us about the campaign objective which is completely focused on performance (Leads) . They want the account level CPL to be below ₹500. The main problem they were facing is very low searches on Brand Search Term and they were not running any Generic Campaign.



Campaigns have a low CVR history


Very Few searches on Brand Keywords


No generic campaigns running previously

Campaign & Execution

From Day 1, we started a generic campaign and started getting results on it.
Then we focused on optimizing Brand and Generic Campaign. After getting feedback on the generic campaign’s lead we scaled it to a level where we were able to generate almost 350 quality leads for them within their desired CPL.

Strategy & Execution

Campaign 1: Generic (India) – Targeting Generic Keywords to all over India.

Campaign 2: Generic (Local) – Targeting Generic Keywords to the Local Audience.

Campaign 3: Brand (India) – Targeting Brand Keywords to all over India.

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