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Amazon PPC Case Study

Case Study: PPC Campaigns with Listing Optimization


This client is selling in the Skincare category on Amazon. They started selling on Seller Central in 2018 and partnered with GetMeRank in 2020. Initially, they only wanted support with paid advertising on Amazon. The initial PPC campaigns brought success to this brand because they gained additional traffic and visibility. They went from selling 375 units a month on average to selling 902 units after the initial PPC boost.


The paid advertising efforts were used to the best possible effect. However, the listings had to be optimized and created according to some of the best practices to appeal to the Amazon audience. Product pages were not product and benefit related but mostly focused on the brand and its mission. The existing A+ content was also more focused on the brand than the product. There was little mention of the product’s benefits and a lot of text rather than graphics. A+ content must be visual to attract the customer’s attention and encourage them to buy your products rather than your competitor’s. This product category is very niche, therefore, the conversion rate was solid even before the full listing and product page optimization. This is when the client asked for our help and support with listing optimization from GetMeRank.


We created A+ material that focused on the product, highlighted its features, and demonstrated the benefits of its use. We evaluated competitors' pages and identified crucial topics from customer questions and product reviews. Any information that was required to be written was added to the images, not the text boxes, so the modules became more visual than textual. In addition, we also optimized the titles, bullets, and descriptions with search keywords.


The results of the listing optimization were extremely positive. Following the implementation of best practices, the client's sales increased significantly, quadrupling from their original level and reaching an average of 995 units sold per month, with the best-selling month seeing 1177 units sold.

Additionally, the conversion rate improved dramatically, going from an average of 39.46% before the optimization to 62.84% after the listings were revamped. This demonstrates the importance of using all available options, such as paid advertising and listing optimization, to achieve growth on Amazon, and the value of patience and perseverance in the face of challenges. If you are in need of full-service support from an Amazon agency to help you achieve success on the platform, the GetMeRank team is available to assist you. To stay updated on the latest news and developments in the Amazon and Walmart worlds, consider subscribing to the GetMeRank newsletter.

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