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Looking for seasoned media buyers to turn your 5 figure campaign into a 6 figure campaign? We team up with Affiliate marketers and help them scale both Horizontally and Vertically. We help all affiliate marketers with digital media buying.

Campaign Planning, Setup & Management

We perform detailed research before setting up a test campaign and start spending your $$$. Our research consists of analyzing the competitors to know what’s working that helps in eliminating the moving parts. We find traffic sources where the offer is getting maximum traction, gauging traffic volume, spying ads, finding angles, and funnels.

We use different spy tools like Similarweb, Adplexity, Adbeat, Anstrex, Poweradspy, iSpionage, and Spyfu for our research. Our research process helps to reduce the number of variables to test and ensure that we are set for success.

Earnings Per Click (Commission/Earned Click) X 100

Higher EPC just isn’t always directly proportional to buying the cheapest traffic, it depends on targeting, creatives, and conversion rate.

Test, Test, Test that’s what we eat, drink, and sleep, you will always find us testing something or the other in the campaign. Testing angle, creative, landing pages to find the winning combination, and keep on challenging the winners.

Our experienced media buyers follow the below process to understand what’s not working and take corrective actions to ensure our EPC is always greater than our CPC.

  • If the traffic is expensive (can we move to a different traffic source)
  • If the Payout is less, see if we can get a bump
  • If we can increase the CVR

Experienced With Most Profitable Niches

Our media buyers have experience in the most profitable niches in every industry, from Dating, Finance, Nutra – Skin, Health, Diet, Brain, Sweepstake, eCommerce, and lead generation (auto, insurance, home repair). Confidently test and scale new niches with our experienced media buyers.

Single Team For All Your Needs

The most important concept in Affiliate marketing is timing and scale. Our affiliate marketing team consists of web developers, copywriters, graphic designers, and media buyers that can help you quickly launch and start scaling your campaigns.

We have proven SOP’s and workflows for each team to help produce consistent results and reduce ambiguity.

Traffic Sources

GMR media buyers have scaled multiple campaigns from 5 figures to 6 figures on Google Search, Display, YouTube, Facebook, Taboola, and Outbrain.

We have experience in promoting grey-hat and black-hat campaigns and have a good understanding of ‘what’ can trigger a ban. Feel free to contact us, we understand the game.


We are experienced with well-known tracking software like Voluum, Bemob, Supermetrics, Google Data Studio, Microsoft excel for setup, management, and reporting of offers, traffic sources, and KPI’s.

We turn data into meaningful information to help us optimize the campaign. You can’t create custom columns or evaluate data on platforms. Our experienced media buyers export data to excel to slice and dice the data for it to start communicating the story and helps us find those hidden pockets of profits.

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    Let’s Have a Friendly Chat and Figure Out If We Are a Good Fit