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The Sale Starts When the Customer Says ‘No’ (and Leaves Your Page)

Our Remarketing Campaigns Allow You to ‘Follow’ People Who Left Your Website, Remind Them about Your Offer and Eventually Prompt Them to Finalize Their Purchase (With Lower Cost per Clicks)

- How much is this Mercedes?

- $50.000 sir

- It’s a little bit expensive… Let me think about it. Goodbye.

- Goodbye.

So you leave the car dealership and go straight to your favorite restaurant where, right next to the menu, you see a flyer with a picture of the car you was looking at minutes ago.

Few hours later, you buy your favorite magazine and there it is again – full-page image of your Mercedes.

Later that night, while waiting for a movie to start, you see a commercial with a classy gentleman and a beautiful women driving in the exact same Mercedes.

The next morning you go back to the dealership and buy that car.

Now, wouldn’t you like to be able to do something like this to people who visited your site but left before taking any action?

It’s actually much easier (and cheaper) than it sounds.

3 Reasons to Setup Your Remarketing Campaign TODAY

These are 3 of the many traits that make Google remarketing one of the most effective marketing methods known to mankind:

1. Precise targeting

Right audience + Right message = Sale.
We will put together remarketing lists
based on visitors’ behaviors, and then
create different messages and
strategies for each group.

For example, we can target:

People who browse more than 5 pages on your website
People who leave the checkout page
People who purchase a specific product
People who stay for over 3 minute

2. Tailored messages

No more generic ‘throw against the wall and see if it sticks’ ads. With all the targeting options Google remarketing offers, we will know exactly who will see your ads, which allows us to craft different messages for different groups of prospects. This dramatically increases your campaign relevancy and effectiveness.

3. Lower cost

Remarketing is almost 30% cheaper and up to 50% more effective than regular Google ads. That means you don’t need a big budget in order to reach wider audiences. (We know you are smiling now)


And 3 Reasons Why WE Should Setup Your Campaign

1. We are affordable

Get Me Rank is every small business’s
best friend. We understand that not
everyone can afford to spend
thousand of dollars every month on
digital marketing so we adjusted our
prices to small companies’ budgets.

If you want an exact quote, scroll down and get in touch with someone from our team.

2. We deliver

We are not the cheapest option out there. But we are the cheapest option that actually guarantees results.

3. We are 100% transparent

We eliminated all the guesswork when it comes to your campaign results and ads spend – With our comprehensive reports you will always have insight into our actions.

Don’t Wait for Sales to Come to You – Go Get Them!

Don’t just watch as your visitors leave your website with your hands in your pockets and wander why they didn’t buy. Let’s setup you a remarketing campaign and go get that sale instead: