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Drive More Traffic and Attract Opportunities You Never Knew Existed with Our PPC Marketing Services

Running a Google AdWords Campaign on Your Own Is
an Unnecessary Gamble – Let Our Team of Experts
Handle It for You Insteads

Creating a PPC campaign is super simple.

On the other side, creating a PPC campaign that delivers results and keeps your costs as low is possible can be considered as art.

It requires detailed research and analysis, a lot of digital marketing experience, plus some copywriting knowledge to craft an effective ad.

No, it really isn’t as simple as ‘setup a campaign within your budget and watch as your traffic grows’ anymore

That’s the reason why most small and medium businesses*
choose to hire professionals to handle their PPC campaign.

*Those that don’t usually end up overbidding and overpaying for ads
that don’t bring results or, in other words, the waste their money.

If you are one of those smart business owners who would rather play
it safe and outsource their PPC campaigns than take the chances
with DIY approach look no further than this page.

Our PPC specialists are all Google AdWords certified, with strong background in analytics and, most importantly, a lot of experience in the field, generating huge ROIs for the clients.

By the bottom of this page, you will know exactly why Get Me Rank is the perfect solution for all your PPC-related headaches.

We Do It ALL

The moment you sign the contract with us and start using our PPC services is the moment all your paid marketing work stops.

We will handle everything for you:

Keyword Research

This game is not just about getting found,
but getting found for the right key phrases.
That’s why we carefully research and
monitor everything, making sure you appear
for the right searches.

Ad Creation

Once you show up for the right searches, your ad have to beat other ads and organic search results to deserve that click. Our copywriters will ensure that.

Split Testing

The biggest mistake you can make is to go all-in with your first ad. Professionals don’t do that. Instead, we’ll use smaller budgets to test different variations of ad. Once you find a winner, we will stick to it.


One of the most powerful marketing methods known to man allows you to reconnect to past site visitors that have shown interest in your product or service. You can learn more about it here: REMARKETING PAGE

Detailed Reporting

We track all the data and build comprehensive PDF reports, showing exactly how we spend our time and your money.


Don’t Worry About the Budget

The highest bidder doesn’t win here. The smartest one does.

Don’t have enough money to aim at the ‘best’ keywords? No problem! We will find the best, smartest way to use your budget, regardless of how big or small it is.

Our cost-effective campaigns battle (and often beat) the expensive ones by targeting long-tail, low-volume keywords that are cheaper to advertise on and draw less competition. This approach dramatically reduces your average CPC and establishes you as one of the go-to options for your key phrases, instead of leaving you to fight the unwinnable battle against all those big fishes.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Google

Other than Google AdWords, we can help you drive traffic through some other platforms:

That’s perfectly normal.

Product Listing?

Facebook Ads – LINK to page

Google Remarketing – LINK to page

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